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Termination of parental rights: 101

It takes a powerful case for a state to terminate a person’s parental rights. If the situation warrants it, there are two approaches: voluntary and involuntary termination. Making the case for involuntary termination is where the best interests of the child come into play.

When will a DUI lead to license suspension in Pennsylvania?

Most people agree that driving is an integral part of their lives. Unless a person is fortunate enough to live in a city with a reliable public transportation system, most people need to drive to get to work, run errands or visit friends and loved ones. Therefore, should one lose their driver's license, life could become very difficult quickly.

Senate bill would increase penalties for repeat DUI offenders

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, Pennsylvanians may be looking forward to cook-outs and parties celebrating the unofficial start of summer. This holiday is also a time when many people choose to relax with their favorite drink. However, police will be on high alert that weekend for those they believe are driving under the influence. And, if one recent Senate bill is passed, it could mean stiffer penalties for those convicted of DUI.

Can a Pennsylvanian be exempt from ignition interlock penalties?

When a person in Pennsylvania is convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, they could find their world has been turned upside down. They may have to spend time in jail, pay fines and attend alcohol safety education. Also, they may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicles. This device prevents a vehicle from starting if a breath test indicates the driver's blood alcohol content level is too high.

How to spot parental alienation

The National Parents Organization in Pennsylvania is currently working with lawmakers to address the concept of "parental alienation," a situation in which a custody agreement separates a child and parent, straining their relationship. The process involves one parent manipulating the child so that they turn against the other parent.

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