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When can a Pennsylvanian carry a firearm used for hunting?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Firearms Law

Autumn means hunting season is on the horizon. Hunting with a firearm, whether it is for deer, pheasants or other game animals, is a hobby that many people enjoy and look forward to it each year. However, to hunt with a firearm, a person must have a sportsman’s firearm permit.

A sportsman’s firearm permit can be issued to a person age 18 or above who has a license to hunt, trap or fish. There is an application and fee, and the permit is valid for five years. The permit allows a person to carry a firearm if they are in the act of hunting, fur taking, fishing or is traveling to and from areas where they are going to carry out these activities.

It is important to note that a sportsman’s firearm permit does not constitute a general concealed carry license that would permit a person to carry a concealed firearm within the Commonwealth. But, it is not against the law for the permit holder to carry a firearm to hunt, fur take or fish, even if they do not have a general concealed carry license.

It is important for hunters to understand when they can lawfully carry a hunting firearm with the correct permit. If they fail to obtain the correct permit, it may be unlawful for them to carry a firearm used for hunting. Since the general information in this post does not constitute legal advice, those with questions about firearm laws in Pennsylvania are encouraged to seek the professional guidance they need to better understand the issue.