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5 tips for preparing for ending a marriage

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For some time, you may have realized that your marriage was not what it once was. In addition to that fact, you have also come to believe that, despite your best efforts, the relationship will not improve to a point where you believe you can once again be happy with your spouse. As a result, divorce has been on your mind.

While it may have started out as a passing thought, you now think that divorce is truly the best decision for your situation. You may not have decided to broach the topic with your spouse just yet, but you can still take steps to prepare for the proceedings ahead.

Preparation tips

The exact actions that could help you get ready for your divorce case may differ depending on the details of your case. However, some preparation tips you may wish to consider include the following:

  • Understand your finances. If your spouse handled the majority of the finances, now would be a good time to start understanding bank accounts, bills and other aspects.
  • Pay attention to your spending. You may think that you need to keep your wallet shut in order to save for your life on a single income, but if you hope to obtain spousal support, it may prove more beneficial to keep up with your current lifestyle so you have a baseline for the amount of support you want to request from the court.
  • Keep your emotions in control. Even if you have not talked to your spouse about divorce yet, you may still feel emotional, and prepping your emotions may help you when the situation becomes more stressful later.
  • Be sure about your decision. Though you believe divorce is the answer, you may want to consider seeing a therapist or marriage counselor to make sure divorce is what you truly want.
  • Keep records. You may also want to start keeping a diary or otherwise writing down day-to-day activities so that you can keep your thoughts, evidence and arguments clear later on.

These tips are only a few that could help you get ready for the upcoming legal proceedings. If you have children, substantial assets or other extenuating factors, you may need to consider other preparatory actions to address concerns related to those aspects as well.

Getting help

While considering divorce, it is wise to understand what you may get yourself into. Discussing Pennsylvania laws and procedures relating to marriage dissolution with a knowledgeable attorney could allow you to have more solid expectations for what may lay in your near future.

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