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A drug addiction could result in criminal charges

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Many people end up needing some type of prescription drug at some point in their lives for some type of ailment. While these drugs can often help with these conditions, some of them have addictive qualities, especially painkillers. Unfortunately, many people who began taking such substances for medical reasons may end up dependent on them.

Of course, you may think you have your prescription drug use under control or that you otherwise do not have a problem. Many people with addictions to prescriptions or other substances often feel this way. Sadly, you may think that you could stop using on your own whenever you want, but that may not be the case.

Common addiction signs

A number of actions, feelings and behaviors could point to a drug addiction. If you identify with any of the following symptoms or situations, you may have a problem that needs addressing:

  • Your health condition improved, but you continue taking the prescription drug.
  • You have the drug or using the drug on your mind a considerable amount of the time.
  • You experience uncomfortable feelings when the drug wears off, such as headaches, stomachaches, confusion and depression.
  • You tell yourself that you will only take a certain amount of the drug but cannot stop yourself from using more.
  • You want to stop using entirely, but you cannot.
  • You no longer have an interest or find pleasure in activities you once enjoyed.
  • You perform activities while on the drug that could present a danger to yourself or others.
  • You have developed a tolerance to the amount of the drug doctors initially prescribed, and as a result, you take more for the same effect.
  • You have trouble completing daily tasks.
  • Your relationships with friends or family are strained due to your drug use.
  • You steal or borrow money in order to buy more drugs.

The list could go on and on. As a result, even if you have not experienced many of these signs, you may be experiencing other signs of addiction not listed here.

Legal consequences of addiction

Unfortunately, a drug addiction can cause you to act in a manner you would not have normally. As mentioned, you may steal from family in order to pay for drugs, and you could also carry out other illegal acts that are driven by your addiction. You may end up facing criminal charges for drug-related offenses or possibly other crimes. If so, it would likely work in your best interests to seek advice from a Pennsylvania defense attorney about your options.

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