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The benefits of stepparent adoption and how it works

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoption can be an important step for many families, parents, stepparents and children so it is helpful to understand how the stepparent adoption process works. Family law resources can help parents and stepparents navigate the adoption process based on their needs and goals for the process.

There may be fewer steps involved in the adoption process for stepparents but there are still certain requirements, including obtaining the consent of the birth parent, which is why it is useful for parents and stepparents considering the stepparent adoption process to know what the legal requirements are so they can ensure they are met. Consent is not required from the birth parent if the parental rights of that parent have been terminated which could be based on abandonment of the child or not being the biological parent of the child.

Stepparent adoptions may be important to parents, stepparents, children and families for a variety of reasons and for a variety of purposes. Adoption may be beneficial for emotional reasons, financial planning, for both or for other reasons as well. Stepparent adoption can help a stepparent secure parenting rights; help a stepchild secure the right to inherit from a family member that is not a biological family member to them; or in circumstances when a foster parent wishes to adopt a foster child.

The adoption process has a variety of important benefits for children, parents and families so any family considering adoption should ensure the legal adoption process is well understood. Adoption can help make a child part of a family, legally recognize a relationship that already exists to the family, protect important rights or simply help make a child part of the family.