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DUI arrests don’t stop after the holidays

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | DUI Defense

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean that law enforcement agencies will be letting up on their efforts to arrest drunk drivers. The parties and gatherings may have slowed, but officers’ commitment to crack down on DUI remains strong. Here are some ways you can make sure you don’t end up at the police station after a night of fun.

Before you’re stopped

The best way to not be arrested for drunk driving is to not drink and drive. If you weigh between 180 and 200 pounds, it may only take four drinks for you to be legally impaired with a .08 blood alcohol content (BAC).

You are far better off not taking any chances and having a designated driver in your group or arranging for a rideshare.

What to do if stopped

If you are stopped for a DUI, keep in mind the following so as not to not escalate the situation:

  • Be courteous and polite to the officer.
  • Avoid admitting any guilt.
  • Decide if you will comply with field sobriety tests or a breath test (failure do so will likely lead to an arrest and other penalties, but also not give any evidence to support a DUI charge)
  • Assert your right to remain silent and your right to have a lawyer present for further questioning.

What do if arrested

If you are arrested for DUI, contact an experienced DUI attorney. Not only can a DUI conviction result in fines, probation, license suspension and even jail time, it will end up on your criminal record. It may affect future employment. An attorney can help present your best defense in having the charges reduced or dismissed.