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Defenses against DUI charges

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | DUI Defense

In Pennsylvania, a DUI conviction can come with considerable consequences. A first offense can result in months of probation, hundreds of dollars in fines, and DUI classes and alcohol treatment. When higher tier charges can result in the permanent loss of a license, how can someone make a good defense against the charges?

Because of how dangerous driving under the influence is, a defense for these charges must be reliable. Some defenses have a track record of success, such as:

Police error

Suppose police pulled you over without probable cause or made some other error during the traffic stop. In that case, an experienced attorney may be able to get a judge to reduce dismiss the charges entirely.

You were under duress

When someone behaves or acts in a certain way to avoid harm or death, they are operating under duress. If someone forced you to drive under the influence by using threats, you may be able to use this defense in your case.

Forced intoxication

If a driver consumed alcohol or drugs without knowing it before driving, they were a victim of involuntary intoxication. This intoxication can result from someone “spiking” a punchbowl or tampering with your drink or food.

There was no other choice

If a drunk person faces a life-or-death decision, driving under the influence may be the only option to protect someone. Someone suddenly needing medical attention may require an intoxicated person to drive them to the hospital.

Do not assume the worst

It may be possible that the circumstances of your charges allow for a viable DUI defense. Even if your arrest is not similar to any of these defenses, you may still have a chance to reduce your charges. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to determine what you can do to defend against your DUI charges.

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