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What is a straw purchaser?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Firearms Law

When it comes to gun control, both sides of the aisle tend to have issues with how citizens acquire guns. For example, those living in Texas may have an easier time purchasing a gun than those living in Pennsylvania. This imbalance can mean that people from states with strict gun laws may seek to purchase guns from states with more lax laws– otherwise known as gun trafficking. However, there’s another reason why someone may sell a gun to an out-of-state person. The following includes information on what is called a “straw purchaser” and the data behind it.

What straw purchasers do

A straw purchaser is someone who purchases a gun and then sells it to a person who has been barred from possessing firearms. These people are usually convicted felons or juveniles. However, it is possible that a person could sell a firearm to someone without knowing they had a record or were underage. Buyers could conceal this information, leaving the seller in a position where they now would need a lawyer. There are also loopholes in gun sales law that further complicate the issue.

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