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What are drug courts and how can they help?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Firm News

If you face drug charges in Pennsylvania, you may qualify for enrollment in drug court. These court supervision programs strive to help you move toward a sober future outside the criminal justice system. Pennsylvania reports that drug courts can help people facing addiction-related charges stay out of prison. These programs particularly benefit those who have chronic mental illness and drug dependency.

Learn more about Pennsylvania drug courts if you struggle with substance use disorder that has resulted in related charges.

Benefits of drug court

Pennsylvania established Treatment Court to help keep participants out of the criminal court system. These programs provide resources that include treatment for substance use disorder and coexisting mental health disorders, housing, and job training and placement. The team of professionals works with you to drive positive change rather than imposing punishment.

What to expect

If you enroll in drug court, the court will place you with a case manager who helps you access resources and complete the goals of the program. You must undergo random drug testing, go to support groups, attend treatment sessions, and report to the court as required. As you successfully meet these goals, you can receive rewards for good progress, such as additional privileges. Most people complete the program in about a year.

When you complete drug court, you may qualify to have your criminal charges dismissed. You can also set other goals for your program, such as visitation with your children or enrolling in school.

In Venango County, the district attorney decides whether you qualify for drug court. You can request a referral from the court if you have no history of violent offenses.