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Criminal Defense From A Former Police Officer

Although our firm is highly experienced in all areas of law we practice, our criminal defense work is particularly noteworthy. Attorney Lackatos has worked as a police officer, a prosecutor and as chief public defender before going into private practice as a criminal defense attorney. He thoroughly examines cases from all perspectives, which greatly benefits our clients.

We know how police agencies investigate crimes, and we know how prosecutors build cases. We will use this unique perspective to help you fight or otherwise resolve your criminal charges in the most favorable manner available.

Charged with a Crime? We Can Help.

Mr. Lackatos offers experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense representation against most criminal charges, including:

Can Your Criminal Record Be Expunged?

Having a criminal conviction on your record can result in a lifetime of problems and noncriminal consequences. Certain convictions can make it difficult or impossible to pursue higher education, qualify for scholarships, secure employment and find good housing. Moreover, the internet makes these records very easy to find.

The good news is that many offenses can be expunged, thanks to a Pennsylvania law enacted in late 2016. Unlike traditional expungement, which destroys a criminal record, this new law would essentially seal the record from anyone outside of law enforcement.

There are, of course, terms and conditions for eligibility. To understand if you can avail yourself of this and similar laws, please contact us at 814-346-7286 to discuss your case.

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