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A Serious Defense For Serious Drug Charges

Any type of drug charge is a threat to your future interests and your personal freedom. Even drug offenses that may seem relatively minor can lead to consequences that can have a long-reaching effect on your life. We understand that much is at stake, and our team at John C. Lackatos, P.C., in Franklin can provide experienced defense counsel during this overwhelming and stressful time.

The specific consequences you are facing depend on the nature of your individual case. While there has been an overall shift in the public’s perception of recreational drugs, specifically marijuana, drug laws in Pennsylvania are still quite strict. Mr. Lackatos understands the law, and knows how to build a strong defense against any type of drug charge. Our goal is to provide an effective defense tailored to your individual needs and objectives.

Fighting Back Against Drug Offenses In Pennsylvania

There is a range of penalties for drug charges, and they can include everything from steep fines to time behind bars. In addition to the criminal penalties you are facing, you may also experience damage to your personal reputation, career opportunities and more. Our goal is to shield you from future complications and work to mitigate the penalties that could negatively impact your life. Mr. Lackatos provides experienced defense guidance in state and federal drug charges, including:

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of other controlled substances
  • Manufacturing and distribution of drugs
  • Trafficking

In Pennsylvania, simple possession may not be as serious as intent to distribute or possession of a controlled substance, but we believe there is no such thing as a minor drug charge. Your case is serious, and we provide the serious legal guidance you deserve.

A Lawyer Who Is On Your Side

We look at the details of your case and develop our defense strategy based on your unique situation. Not only are we committed to your defense, we work diligently to ensure you do not experience a violation of your personal rights.

From the investigative stage to the conclusion of your case, we will walk with you through every step. If you are facing drug charges, you can learn more about your defense options by calling 814-346-7286 or emailing our office to schedule a free consultation.

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