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Adoptions For The Modern Family

Making It Official

When hearing the word adoption, many people tend to think of international adoptions of babies and very young children. While this remains a common and important practice, most adoptions are simply legal processes that formalize existing family relationships and caretaking responsibilities (stepparents, foster parents, etc.). Adoption cases are universally one of the most joyous legal actions we see.

Pennsylvania has among the least restrictive adoption laws in the United States. For this and other reasons, you may want to consider going through the adoption process in any of the following scenarios:

  • You just got married, and you or your spouse has minor children from a previous relationship.
  • You want or need to secure parenting rights after caring for a family member who is not your biological son or daughter.
  • You want to secure inheritance rights for a non-biological family member.
  • You have been caring long term for foster children and want to officially make them part of your family.

These are just a few of the many cases in which adoption may be necessary and/or appropriate.

Our Adoption Services

As part of our larger family law practice, we are ready to help you through the adoption process smoothly and efficiently. Our firm will guide your family through a number of adoption scenarios, including:

  • Step-parent adoptions
  • Intra-family adoptions
  • Placement
  • Foster family adoptions
  • Guardianships of children

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