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Prioritizing The Innocent

Because the well-being of your children is your highest concern, being involved in a custody dispute can cause a great deal of anxiety. Even if you and your spouse have similar goals for your children, the idea of being separated from them is often difficult to process.

We have skillfully assisted many couples in reaching custody arrangements that provide the children with the best opportunities for building quality relationships with both parents. However, it is not always the case that shared parenting offers a stable situation for the children. If this is your concern, we are equipped to fight for your rights to protect your children from harm.

Types Of Custody

The two areas of custody in dispute during a divorce are physical and legal custody. It is a myth that the mother of the children automatically wins physical custody. More courts are striving for a balance of parenting time, and will consider every factor to achieve this. Custody may be awarded on a pure shared basis (50/50), or one parent may have primary custody where the other parent has periods of partial custody.

Legal custody is another issue on the table during a custody case. Having legal custody gives you the right to make important decisions for the children’s welfare, including medical, educational and religious matters. Sharing legal custody can be contentions, but our attorney will help you build a case that will support your parental rights.

A child custody order is never permanent and is always subject to modification.

Adoption And Terminating Parental Rights

Courts are reluctant to take away the rights of a biological parent, but there are some cases where it may be in the best interests of the child. If a parent is unfit, has abandoned the child or some other extreme circumstance exists, the court may involuntarily terminate the parent’s rights, especially if a grandparent or stepparent petitions to adopt the child. Whether you are seeking to terminate someone’s parental rights or are fighting to maintain your parental rights, the guidance of a lawyer is crucial.

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