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Child Support Issues Are Complex And Critical

Children Deserve Financial Support from Both Parents

Because Pennsylvania has a comprehensive formula for determining child support, you may not think the assistance of a lawyer is essential. However, there may be circumstances in your life that qualify you for deviations from the formula, and having an experienced attorney to advocate for you can make all the difference, whether you are paying support or receiving it.

Child support in this state is based on the combination of both parents’ income and a variety of factors that may effect the parents’ financial situations, including the number of children involved, the cost of health insurance, the cost of day care and other items. The law firm of John C. Lackatos, P.C., can assist you in all your child support concerns.

Establishing Paternity Is Key

In order to file for child support, it is essential to establish paternity. If the parents were married at the birth of the child, the law assumes that the husband is the father. However, if the parents were not married or paternity is uncertain, a man will have to take a DNA test to prove he is or is not the father of the child unless both parents concede his paternity.

Once a court establishes paternity, the law obligates the father to financially support the child. There are a number of situations where the advocacy of an attorney can be crucial, whether you are a woman seeking support from a man who denies paternity, or you are a man who is fighting requests to support a child you believe is not yours.

Child Support Is Not Optional

If you are struggling to make your court-ordered payments because of a recent downturn in your circumstances, a modification to your orders is the only legal way to find relief. We can help you with that. The consequences for nonpayment can complicate your financial hardship. You may even risk charges of contempt of court and jail time.

On the other hand, if you are fighting to get the support a court has granted, we can help you take action to enforce the child support order.

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