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The Challenge Of Modifying A Custody Or Support Order

Life Doesn’t Always Stay The Same

No matter how carefully you and your co-parent may have worked out your custody and support arrangements, life happens. Your children will grow older, your financial situation may change or one of you may decide to move out of Pennsylvania . Any of these factors may throw a wrench into your child custody or support orders. Your children will grow older, your financial situation may change or one of you may decide to relocate, which could impede the co-parent’s ability to exercise their period of custody.

We have assisted many parents in obtaining modifications to custody orders. Such modifications can be challenge to win, and often require detailed and thorough evidence to support the claim. However, if you fail to fulfill your obligations without gaining a modification, you may face serious legal consequences.

Changes In Child Support

If your finances have taken a hit, you may find it increasingly difficult to make your monthly support payments. Whatever you do, you should not simply stop payments. By failing to make your obligated payments, you risk serious penalties, including the following:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Property liens
  • Bank account seizure
  • Revocation of professional license, driver’s license, passport or recreational license
  • Negative marks on your credit score
  • Incarceration for contempt of court

Because of his years of experience, John C. Lackatos is well-versed in the procedure for seeking modifications. Whether you want to have your payments reduced or are fighting for more support, we can guide you through each step with a determination to achieve the resolution you seek.

Changes In Child Custody

Even more complicated than modifying child support is seeking child custody modifications. This may involve relocating with the children or trying to prevent the other parent from having access to the children. These changes often threaten the stability of the child, and the courts are reluctant to grant them.

However, we are not afraid to take on the challenge of winning the modification you need, especially if you are trying to protect your children from a parent who places them in harm’s way. The key to a successful child custody modification is proof that it will benefit the child. We can help you gather the evidence and documentation you need for a successful effort.

Help With Your Modification

If your current court orders for support or custody are no longer viable, contact us at 814-346-7286 or by email. We can schedule a free initial consultation to evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action.

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