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Why You Need An Attorney

Although it is not a commonly used term, firearms law is the intersection of many legal practice areas: criminal defense, civil rights and estate planning, just to name a few. Our attorney, John Lackatos, has spent his career helping clients with legal issues related to gun ownership and possession. We are the firm to call in Pennsylvania for assistance with any of the matters discussed below.

Firearms Law In Criminal Defense

  • Have you been charged with illegal possession of a firearm?
  • Have you been accused of a gun-related crime?
  • Are you facing sentence enhancements related to gun possession, even if that gun was not used in the alleged crime?
  • Have you been charged with being a straw purchaser (buying a gun for someone who is ineligible to own one)?
  • Have you been charged because you failed to accurately answer the questions on the state or federal applications when purchasing a firearm?

We offer an aggressive, experienced criminal defense representation, and can help you resolve these charges in the most favorable way available.

Firearms Ownership And Licensure Matters

  • Are you unable to purchase a firearm because you have previously been the subject of a protection from abuse order, a disqualifying mental health condition or a mental health commitment?
  • Do you need to restore your firearms rights or ease restrictions after being convicted of a crime?
  • Do you need to seek expungement, a governor’s pardon or a clarification of your record?
  • Are you having difficulty obtaining a concealed carry permit?
  • If you have been deemed ineligible, do you understand why you were disqualified and how you could potentially resolve the problem?

As a lawyer highly experienced in firearms issues, John Lackatos can quickly diagnose any legal blocks you may be facing and help you resolve them.

Bequeathing Firearms In Your Estate Plan

Guns are not just tools for self-defense or hunting. To many, they are collector’s items and family heirlooms. Unfortunately, passing along your firearms is not always as straightforward as bequeathing other types of property.

As an extension of our estate planning services, we can help you set up a gun trust or utilize other legal tools to ensure that your firearm collection can be given to your intended heirs with no undue legal scrutiny or other problems.

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